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MotoGP: Stoner's peep show mood goes on!
MotoGP: Stoner's peep show mood goes on!

Is the leitmotif which continues to show wonders to company, media and fans, without allowing them a touch and enjoy finale.

A motorcycle peep show where test is the glass.

Ducati has what it wants and whatever a company could dream of.

The total product man, the super endorser which represents. besides the best, the product to sell.

Too bad the Moto GP is not a product to be bought directly, otherwise the Ducati bikes would all be sold. Buyers would led to dealerships commanded by their sports erection which would steal blood to the brain, making them unreasonable over checka to sign.

Ducati cannot sell MotoGP bikes but can sell the project. And the project is proven, works.

Ducati has won, because there is nothing better for employees, shareholders, riders, men on the track, fans, clients, sponsors, than situation like this. "Look how we work virtually but not so virtually."

Virtually because it's just about testing and Stoner does not race, actually.

Not really virtually, because laptimes are real, effective, ideal.

The ideal time of the ideal times made by ideal endorser. One that even if is called Stoner, it's not racing anymore, however.

And yet this thing is a triple stress test.

Stress for other riders: "What will it be when even Ducati riders will be able to do what Stoner does?"

Stress for Ducati riders, "why does he does it and we still don't? Will we ever be like him? When?"

Stress for fans, "why the hell don't they compell the kangaroo to race? Ok for the others, but him? Why not him?"

Stress for everyone, but I have never seen a more positive stress than this.

It is not an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. It 'a good stress.

A psychophysical training, a kind of preparation, because obviously at Ducati, they are convinced that results are getting closer.

Stress for everyone but him, the captain-player, explaining how to do it after doing it. From now on he will make a step back  loosing the grip a little bit, because nobody needs to stress things furthermore.

But this is Stoner. And you never know the way it goes.

So there's unknown. And the unknown, as always, the supreme source of positive stress.

And if you do not like all this, it means that, for some reasons, are afraid of Stoner.

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